Gallagher Sheep Netting 50M

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Gallagher sheep netting is powered netting that acts as a physical barrier for sheep.


  • Powered physical barrier for sheep (particularly lambs)
  • Ideal for 10 acre block farmers with mixed stock
  • Can be used to contain poultry
  • Visible barrier for grazing stock and fruit trees from possums
  • Portable application using a B180, B180 or B280 battery energizer or use a lead out from a mains powered fence line
  • For sharp corners and undulating ground incorporate Multi-wire Tread-in (G63705). Use together for extra stability
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • The bottom wire is dead to avoid shorting due to pasture growth
  • Each 50m (164ft) roll consists of 1.06m high netting made of 8 horizontal stainless steel polywires and 14 posts which are easily stepped into the ground

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